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At the end of a day spent outdoors, friends gather around a campfire to share their experiences of that day.  Most outdoor people know the fun and joking that goes on around that campfire.

What I am trying to do is to recreate that feeling.  Please, take your time and enjoy the photos and stories on my web site.  Even better, submit your photos and stories for posting on my site.  I cannot guarantee that your photos or stories will be posted, but I will look at and read, every one of them.  I will answer all of your emails, as time will allow.

To all of my non-hunting friends, enjoy my web site as long as you are willing to see and read the results of my efforts.  Please, if you are against hunting and fishing, don’t waste your time, or mine, criticizing my web site.

Pour yourself a brandy, pop a cap on your coke, or just have a cup of coffee, and enjoy.


Ron Machado

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